Bribie Island – The old Oyster Jetty & Buckley’s Hole drain – 17 July 2011

Not much to say – a crap mornings fishing. I started about 6 am. I waded down to the big sandbar south of the old oyster jetty. Low tide had been at 4.15 am – so the tide was running in, strongly. The wind was low at first but gradually built to a 15 knot south-westerly as the sun came up. It had been blowing a south easterly the day before and we had had a bit of rain. There were tufts of algae weed floating around everywhere.

It was the day after full moon. The Bream should have been in full swing and there should have been a few Flathead and Tailor around. But after 3 1/2 hours of fishing, I had only had one serious bite, which I think was a Chopper Tailor. I was fishing with my trusty GULP soft plastics and tried every colour and shape in the bag. The weed and wind did not help and perhaps the ABT competition, the day before, may have slowed things down, but it was no fun at all.

I eventually gave up and went for a coffee and a bacon sandwich – scoring a duck is never a good feeling!!


1 thought on “Bribie Island – The old Oyster Jetty & Buckley’s Hole drain – 17 July 2011

  1. Mate,
    The ABT wouldnt have done any damage. As far as I know the only fish were caught at Redcliffe ans Caloundra. Apparently there were GT’s floating everywhere in the canals. Not good but I think it has something to do with the snot weed every where in the Passage at the moment.
    Hope you have a better time at it next time

    Cheers Brett

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