Bribie Island Bridge & flats around the old Oyster Jetty – 13 November 2011

A long wade - for no fish


Northerly winds – I don’t like them. They stir up the water and send most estuary species off the bite. Over the last ten days we have hit that frustrating Queensland summer pattern of an early morning calm, followed by a 15 to 25 knot north-easterly by lunch time. Add in the big tides of the full moon and the Pumicestone Passage is very murky on the bottom of the tide and full of weed, sea grass and other debris on the top of the tide.

Excuses, Excuses – you still have to get out there and try. The Mangrove Jacks don’t mind the northerly and nor do the pelagic species (they just have to keep eating whatever the weather). Therefore, on Sunday morning, I arrived at Bribie, under the bridge on the mainland side, just after first light at 4. 15 am. I waded around, cast soft plastic lures in various colours and sizes, all over the sea grass beds and sand banks for the next three and a half hours, but apart from one persistent Pike, I did not get a bite.
Finally around 9.00 am I gave up – bring on a good south-easterly breeze!

3 thoughts on “Bribie Island Bridge & flats around the old Oyster Jetty – 13 November 2011

  1. Thanks for the heads up, I have found Jones tackle and am now a regular shopper and member! Have also been having some success following your guidance as to locations and approaches, very different to back home (Magnetic Island), keep up the good work!

  2. Land angler, where do you source your plastics from? You always have a great selection, better than I see on the shelf at my local tackle store!

    • When I am in Brisbane I get them from Jones Tackle – nr Chermside. I try to keep up with what is new on the GULP website. At Jone’s tackle they are always happy to order in for me, if they do not have what I want in stock. If I am out of town, I generally stop at Big W or Kmart and stock up. Big W seem to stock a slightly better range than Kmart and I see they are now doing the Crazylegs shape, which I like to use. BCF seem to always be at the more expensive end of the pricing spectrum. I don’t mind paying the Jones Tackle guys a bit more for their knowledge and personalised service but the same does not go for BCF & Anaconda, which have the warehouse format of Kmart without the price benefit

      If I see something I cannot get here, then I usually get it online from Cabelas ( in the US – great store , great service and the strong A$ means things are often 30% cheaper than here. Postage is also not that expensive on smaller items

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