Rain, rain, rain, rain….. 29 January 2011

No I haven’t drowned – but I have not found anywhere to fish for ten days. Every time I think it might be easing off, the monsoonal low dumps another load. All the rivers are a mess so I will try fishing the surf next week, while things clear up. May be a few Jewfish on the prowl. Watch this space!

Brisbane River - rain, rain,rain


2 thoughts on “Rain, rain, rain, rain….. 29 January 2011

  1. You got that right!!! Just came back from Yamba & was hoping to spend the Australia day holiday fishing but when the water looks like a chocolate latte there really isn’t any point. All over Iluka/Yamba was the same, very very disappointed.

  2. Tell me about it, took a drive down to Brunswick River breakwall friday afternoon in the hope of enticing a jew it was just too messy..

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