Yeppoon – Double Head – 31 July 2012


I was up before dawn and headed straight back down to Double Head, beside Rosslyn Bay Harbour to see if I could have a return match, with the fish that robbed me the day before. I started with the heavy rod again. This time I re-tied the leader and checked everything was solid.

Definitely the best time of the day to fish

I tied on a 3/8th 2/0 jighead and loaded a GULP 5” Jerkshad in the Cajun Chicken colour. The horizon was glowing red and the water was calm. High tide would be at about 8.00 am and it was now just after 6.20 am. I cast out and moved the plastic quite quickly, to stop the heavier head getting snagged. About two metres out there was a bite, and then, close to the rocks the fish grabbed it and headed for its hole.

A 40cm Fingermark

This one was not so big, and after a few moments, I got it clear of the rocks and up to my feet. It was a 40 cm Fingermark. It had pulled hard but it was not the monster of the day before. I continued fishing for another two hours, but I could not find anymore. In fact. I did not get another bite.

Fantastic scenery – Double Head

It was time to move on. I was pleased to have a decent fish from such a beautiful spot and hoped to get back again in a few days.


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