Who is Landangler?

My first legal saltwater barramundi
My first legal saltwater barramundi

Hello – I am the Landangler – a mad keen land based fisherman living in South Golden Beach in northern New South Wales, Australia. I only fish from the shore and I mainly travel up and down the east coast of Australia looking for the best land based angling opportunities. I love to fish with lures (soft plastics ā€“ hard bodies ā€“ slugs) but I will certainly use bait if that is what is needed to catch fish. I concentrate on the beaches, bays, rocks and estuaries of South East Queensland and Northern New South Wales. This is my blog/ fishing diary where I post fishing reports and stories about the ones that got away. I hope you like it.

3.8.Kg Snapper – Woody Head , Iluka, NSW – Dec 2011
5.18 Kg Tailor – Woody Head , Iluka, NSW – April 2011
A solid Mulloway/ Jewfish - 10.5kg
A solid Mulloway/ Jewfish – 10.5kg

87 thoughts on “Who is Landangler?

  1. fantastic blog mate only recently started having a look at it but I’m hooked! great info and very detailed.

    I’m heading up to north stradbroke island in a few days (without a 4wd) and I’ve read your stradie post, but would you have any extra tips for this time of the year ?


  2. Gday

    i follow your blog with great interest. Do you happen to fish closer to brisbane at all? eg redcliffe penninsula or any of the local rivers?

    • Have tried the Pine a few times but find it quicker to carry on to Bribie, in a few years work will be done’ then I will have more time to explore

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  4. I learnt more about catching flathead from this blog than all the fishing books and magazines I have bought since arriving here four months ago. Many thanks

  5. Great blog, congrats, keep it going and thanks for sharing it with us.
    You made it look easy (I know it’s not), so I think I’ll give it a go this Sunday morning. It’s gonna be high tide – would you say it’s not worth it? Have you ever tried at sunrise on high tide (Bribie Island, near jetty)? Thanks in advance, Cheers

  6. Love the blog, keep it up!

    Very informative….can you tell us a bit more about what gear you use outside of the jig heads and lures? Eg: Rods, reels, waders etc….

  7. …Some say he will only ever use 8/0 hooks as a toothpick, and his waders are made of material kevlar…

    Seriously though – great blog, cheers.

  8. Top blogs mate – love them so much am moving to Sandstone Point in 4 weeks.
    Just a quick query on whether you have used the Squidgy Pro Boof Mullet, and
    also what weight you use when fishing Bribie?

    • Wish I could do the same. I tend to fish most of the time with a 1/8th ounce 1/0 jighead. Not tried many Squidgies – as you will see I think the scent on the GULPS gives them an edge

  9. Hi, just a quick question, when you wade the flats at bribie (or any where for that matter) what do you wear?? ie. waders? water shoes? I’m just curious


  10. Good setup and pictures, well done. I’m form Sydney and rock fish mostly. Going North for a few days and wonder you fished Broken Head near Byron N. NSW?

  11. Hi Mate,

    Enjoy the blog a lot! You catch some very nice fish around SE QLD. This is going back a bit, but i was wondering if you could be more specific about that rock wall at Pinkenba. I read your post on here and also on tackebox going back some years, I’ve seached Google maps and still not quite sure where this ‘sunken rock wall’ is at Boggy Creek. Is it the BP refinery you would walk around to get to the top? Or would you walk from Pinkenba boat ramp at Kirra St?

    Appreciate any information. Keep up the good fishing and providing us with a good read.

    Tight Lines!

  12. Gday Landangler.

    Im a Brissi boy but live in London, i have been over for a few weeks now and only have a week left. Wondering if you could point me in the right direction to use plastics to target bream, flatties and or tailor. Im in Birsbane but willing to travel an hour or 2 to get to some locations, Bribie or Gold coast would be ideal?

    • Best to try fishing at Bongaree with the Gulp range of soft plastics, if you look back through the archived posts you will get plenty of info on where and when to fish.

    • Gday Landangler,

      Yeah i worked that one out to look at your archives, thanks šŸ™‚

      One thing is that i dont have waders is this going to affect what i can do as i get the feeling you are wading out a far old way mate?

      Thanks in advance,


    • I do wear waders, but as long as you can deal with the chilly water you will be fine in shorts, but wear some shoes, there are a few crabs and stonefish around

    • Would you be able to enlighten me on what wind is going to be favourable fishing at Bongaree? Im assuming SE would be good as it should be behind me at Bongaree?



  13. Hiya, I’m from Lowestoft (east coast of England) and I’m visiting Australia for the first time. I’m staying with family in Brisbane, and I am intending on sneaking away from the wife for some fishing. I’ve brought some bits and bobs but didn’t manage to bring a rod. You wouldn’t happen to have an old beach caster (I think u chaps call them surf rods) kicking around that you could sell me cheap? I couldn’t fit a rod into my luggage! A broom and six curtain rings would do..

    • I am afraid there are no spare rods on the rack, just gave everything I don’t use to the local scouts. Big W and Kmart have pretty cheap serviceable combos that will work well for a few sessions- good luck

  14. Thanks for that.

    One more question :). What kind of rod and reel outfit do you normally use with your plastics and hard bodies? (if it’s not a secret)

    • I love my 6’6″ Loomis GL2 (fast action) 1-3 kg and Shimano Stella 2500. But there are plenty of good cheaper versions/ combos for soft plastics. I also love Gary Howards light spin rods and the Berkely Dropshot range are pretty consistent. I think the cheaper Pflueger 2500 size reels are also pretty good value.

  15. Mate thanks for taking time to write and help the newbies out. I am looking to fish Breakky Creek early in the morning and I was wondering if hard bodied lures are a good way to go?

    • I have not fished it myself for a long time but they get plenty of threadfin Salmon, Jewies, Flathead and Bream out of it. Its full of trolleys and other snags though, so you may lose your hard bodies before you catch a fish – take care and good luck.

  16. First off may I what a good blog your writing, very helpful and informative. I just started fishing with soft plastics, got myself a pfleuger trio 2-4, and sedona 2500. I’m only land based, I tried fishing Toorbul side on the incoming tide, god it was a nightmare, i had seen a few oyster patches that looked like some great structure, i got there, and the amount of stingrays around me was insane, i think i counted 30-40 of them playing around in the shallows while i was trying to walk back to the car, nearly standing on a few of them! Anyway i’ll be heading up to your location hopefully on Sunday, What is your suggestion for time, as i see it is the low tide in the morning and hide tide isn’t till 12. Should i wait till high tide around 12 and fish the outgoing tide around the bridge, with some Zman 3inch minnows, or 2.5 grubs? Or go early at the low tide? Which do you think would be better? If you could send us an email, or a msg with any suggestions that would be great. Always looking for advice as i just started. Thanks in advance.

    • You will nearly always improve your chairs of catching fish by starting early. Fishing at low tide also enables you to see the terrain are clearly.

    • You making fun of my 5 seconds of spare time during the week to mistype like i did šŸ™‚

    • I don’t know whether an olympian would be allowed fat thumbs, but being dumb and just skipping entire words and letters, definitely a possibility šŸ™‚

  17. hey land angler i am looking for a nice light rod to use off the rocks for tailor with slugs but also off the beaches and gutters for bream and flathead on hardbodies and soft plastics. i was wondering what type of rods u use???

    • Have a look at some of my recent posts re-rock fishing – the Shimano Catana Coastline Light is a pretty good rod for what you want to do, it is pretty cheap for what it is but it may be a little on the light side

  18. Mate awesome blog! I really like your articles and the pic’s are brilliant! We only started blogging in December 2012 so are only quite new at it…well done mate!

  19. Hey mate I read your Blog each week.. It’s really interesting.. I’m also a land based angler in the brisbane area.. Keep up the good work!

  20. Love reading your blog mate. Learn more and more each time I read. Could you possibly do a few posts on fishing tips? What to look for, what times are good etc?

  21. Hi Mate,

    Great Blog! Its very informative and for a beginner angler like my self its good reading and learning.

    If you don’t mind me asking where do you get your DOU lures from?

    Many Thanks,


  22. Hello landangler

    I really enjoy reding you your blogs- i hope you dont stop

    Do you do any comps – ABT?

    also you should make a vid on how to fish plastics or report?

    Tigh lines- Steve

    • The ABT looks fun. land based, but its is difficult for me to commit to the timing. It would also have a lot to learn about Bream fishing! Its taken a few years to get the hang of the digital camera. It will be a few more before I master video!

  23. Hi Land Angler

    I had been looking around the net for info on some great fishing spots at bribie island and then I found your blog. I think it’s fantastic with a good combination of fishing advice and some awesome fishing stories and it has really made me keen to start fishing more often. I have tried a couple of the places you’ve mentioned on your blog (namely bongaree and the old oyster jetty) but with no luck. What are your preferred tide times to head to these places and also how much does the time of day make a difference?

    Also it would be great if I could tag along with you next time your up at bribie island. I live only 30mins away so getting up early is not a problem.

    Thanks again for the great blog


    • Harry

      Fishing at dawn and dusk will greatly improve your chances of catching fish. All over Bribie I prefer to fish the few hours of the run out tide – good luck!

  24. Hey mate

    You are a legend. I love reading your blogs my mate and i are always checking our emails for your latest post. Your posts always make me keen to go fishing. I already have learnt so much stuff from you. Thank you!

    Quick question what is your all time go to soft plastic and what jig head size?

    Aslo could you please make a video or a post about soft plastics?


  25. mate…thanks for the interesting blog. you have got to see this you tube post… http://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KBKAulfHxC8&feature=related – it has whiting doing things that I simply don’t understand…the aggressiveness of the fish for the lure is astounding…though the tube post is a little poor in quality, you can still see these animals fighting like tailor to get on board. I google mapped the Tuross channel. from what I can make out from the barrier system behind him, he’s right near the mouth of the Tuross system. Have you even journeyed that far south? do you reckon your Duo lures could give the whiting a nudge? I notice also that you use a 2500 Stella. I have one too but, I think this bloke is using something in the order of a 1000 size real. I think I may have stuffed up and bought too big a Stella for whiting. Incidentally, why is it that Wikipedia shows whiting distribution right up the eastern seaboard and yet, I can’t find you catching them? not in your target list perhaps? My ole man was a pilot in the Qld & Torres Straight Pilot service and said to me that of all the fish he knew, whiting was third, Jewies second and Sweetlip Emperor first on the good taste graph. your thoughts… regards Sydney sider !

    • I love Whiting and there are plenty in the areas I fish. My problem is that you need to target them with very light gear – which means when something bigger comes along, you have no chance. I think I am also not quite patient enough to seek them out. Something tells me I will be better at chasing them when I have a bit more grey hair! Great clip!

    • yeap it’s a good clip orright. yes…light gear is essential. have you any thoughts about the size of the 2500 as opposed to a 1000? Have you got any pickies of you chasing whiting…sorry…I have a whiting focus. If I had the patience, I’d chase garfish…very sweet and according to some, you can stuff’em with pickled prawn and they become a real feast. Why is small good mate? hey ! Incidentally, I drop into Sydney Fish Markets to see all and sundry. I’m not too happy with the cloudy eyed specimens on offer…

  26. ledgen mate! this is an awsome thread, im from Tweed Heads and i definetly see what you mean by land-based, why go out in the boat when all the stucture is right there next to the bank with the fish. thankyou for blogging šŸ™‚


  27. hi mate, just found your blog and im loving it. Myself and a couple of mates are looking at going fishing this weekend, was just after some suggestions. I was thinking bribie or pinkenba. Which would you sugget for this time of year. thanks again mate


  28. Hello,
    Just wanted to say you have inspired me to get out there and fishing again. I had my first session near buckleys hole in the rain and caught no fish. But didnt care I got a few bites and was the first time I have ever used plastics. Can’t wait to catch my first fish on them.
    Keep up the great work a bloody awesome read.

  29. Hey great blog, great fish and very informative. any chance you could write a guide on using soft plastics? always been a bait man. live in tweed and go off the rock wall without alot of luck lol.

    • I will do – when I get a moment. A few people have asked for the same. The Tweed rockwall is a great spot but it can be hit and miss. Keep at it.

    • awesome thanks, went out in the rain today and got a nice tailor with a 50 gram slug off the wall, not huge about 45cm.

  30. Hi,
    Well done and congratulation for what you have done here, great blog!
    I moved to Australia 6 months ago and discovered fishing then, I’m addicted now and can’t get enough of it!
    I discovered this blog last night while looking up for tips to fish on Bribie Island and ended up spending most of the night reading it!
    I’m a newbie looking up for detailed tips and location and I think I just found the perfect place!
    I usually fish on Bribie Island (bongaree) but thanks to you will have a go at Sandstone Point ! Never fish with Plastics before but always wanted to give it a go so thanks for giving me the confidence!
    Anyway, congratulation one more time and good luck for your next fishing trips
    PS: Next time you are fishing on Bribie and see a young french guy struggling with plastics, wearing a green hat, come and say hi ! I should be there quiet regularly from now on!

  31. Hi I fish bribe all the time with the kids but we always get there to late in the day. I’m on holidays so I will try and get there early for a fish without them tagging along.I love your detail and specific locations, email if u like to fish with a newbie!!

    • Good to read a blog showing fish I cannot hope to catch but using methods that are common to us over here. Like you I only fish from the shore and have concentrated mainly on baits for the last few years. I hope to get back into lures this coming summer. On my local beaches I can target Bass, pollack coalfish, wrasse garfish and mackerel on softies. The mackerel are small a 2 pounder would be a good fish but they fight well on light tackle, make a good bait and taste good. Bass would be our main sporting fish. our record is around 17lb but an 8lb would be a good fish on the lure.
      good luck and keep up the writing


  32. Do you know of any place that sells the Duo Realis Vibration 62 Lure in Australia….?? Seems to be only available online from the US…. Thanks….. Nellieblyth

  33. Gday Landangler……first of all…..thankyou! I stumbled across your blog whilst fishin (pun intended lol) for the good oil on Sunshine Coast fishing.
    I have been an occaisional, inexperieced land based fisherman on the Sunny Coast, mainly when on holiday there…..with a few “lucky” catches (I seemed to do alright with Snapper on occasion).
    I would like to get there more often, improve my skills and know-how and more importantly spend time with my young fellas doing some (hopefully successful) fishin. Your blog is brilliant for someone like me……I know begger all and have no experience with plastics and lures in saltwater….so your info and experiences are gold to me šŸ˜‰

    I have what will be to you, a silly question (sorry)….but as you are so mobile when fishin, what do you use to carry all your gear on you, I cant see you walkin back to the beach constantly to a tackle box, when your are wading, to change your rigs?

    I would be very grateful if I could tag along with you at some time on the Sunny Coast to watch your style and gain first hand experience (I promise not to cramp your style & to stay outta the way lol), but totally understand if unable to. Feel free to email me

    Once again..thanks…your blog really is gold šŸ™‚


    • Alex:

      Thanks for your comments. I have a vest with lots of pockets and clips that I keep my lures, jigheads, scissors. cloths, camera, etc in. I also have a fish keeper bag that I hang over my shoulder. I will send you an email when I next have an appropriate fishing session planned up that way and perhaps we can meet up.

    • Thanks for your reply Landangler. A vest, of course, will have to look into one of those.
      I look forward to hearing from you, I live bout 3+ hrs from the Sunny Coast…am hopin to get up there later next week, so am gunna chose some plastics and maybe a lure or two and have a little practice myself
      Thanks again….and tight lines šŸ™‚

  34. I stumbled across your website whilst getting info on bribie.. great stuff. thanks..i am going up there in about two weeks for a couple of weeks and staying near buckleys..i have not used plastics before..any suggestions on what plastics i should get for flathead…landbased..will flathead be still around in the first 2 weeks on Nov..thanks again…..MUGSEY

    • Mugsey – there were plenty of Flathead around this morning, I dropped a couple of good ones just near Buckley’s Hole. I would recommend the GULP 4″ Pearl Watermelon Minnow rigged on a 1/6th 1/0 jighead – drag it across the sand banks and along the edge of the weed beds and you should find a few fish – good luck.

  35. I have been following your epic fishing reports and you have a good way of presenting your knowledge in detail.

    I wish I had the energy and dollars to do what you obviously love to do, fuel costs for me is the critical component of any good fishing adventure.

    A mixture of Malcolm Douglas and Les Hiddens combined….I love it.

    Keep up the good work. Peter

    • If you are land based then 1770 has a lot of options, beach, rock, estuary. The weather is also pretty good right now – not too hot / cold. The Deep Water National Park , just to the south is fantastic, but you really need a 4 wheel drive to get to it. The Catwalk at the main headland, at 1770 can be a a bit hit and miss. The Tuna are not usually around until mid October, but at this time there are usually plenty of Tailor and Trevally. But from the Catwalk, south, there are rocks at the corner of every beach and bay and all are good to fish.

  36. hey mate, great blog, really enjoy reading. I’m new to brisbane from perth, still trying to figure out the fishing scene. If you ever want some company on a fish, send us an email =)


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