Singapore Fishing – 1 Nov 2010

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Monday – Singapore

I needed to get out fishing – but as I was stuck in Singapore, the options were limited. The concierge at the Hotel could not really help but suggested I visit the Kenko Fish Spa. I found the place just a few escalators away from our hotel and thought it looked interesting.

I walked in, paid my S$20 for a fish spa treatment. My feet and lower legs were rinsed off and then I was led into a room full of large glass tropical fish tanks with wooden benches above each. I sat on one and dangled my feet in the water, as instructed. Within ten seconds the fish were all over my feet, nibbling, sucking and apparently carrying out an efficient exfoliation service.

It certainly felt a little strange and initially it was very hard get through the tickling stage. But, after 30 seconds or so, it really was quite relaxing. At last I got some indication of what it might be like to be a soft plastic lure. In fact, I started to consider how I could reform the toe jam from my pretty disgusting feet, in the shape of a minnow, and put it on a jighead. I remembered the GULP Moldy Cheese coloured lures – perhaps ‘Flaky Feet’ would sell well?

It was not quite fishing but it did, at least, feed my craving. I am looking forward to pulling the waders on again in a week or so.


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