Brooms Head – 17 September 2011


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We arrived at Brooms Head at about 3.00pm on Saturday. I grabbed the rod and headed straight for the rocks, out the front. There was no wind and it was a hot, still afternoon. There was no swell and the tide would be low at about 5.00 pm. This meant it was quite safe to cross out onto the rocks in front of the main headland and fish over, into the deeper water beyond. I loaded up the 9’ Daiwa Demon Blood with a 3/8th oz 2/0 jighead and a 5” GULP Crazylegs Jerkshad in the Black Shad colour. I had high expectations – this area looks very fishy, but I have rarely been able to get close enough to it, to fish. The first cast got snagged and so did the second, so I switched to a ¼ oz jighead. I felt a few small hits and lost the tail on the soft plastic lure.

I gradually changed down through the soft plastics to a 3” GULP Minnow, in the Pearl Watermelon which caught a couple of Butter Bream and eventually a just legal, Bream. Just before dark, I gave up, disappointed and with nothing for supper.


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