Brooms Head – 3 October 2015

Saturday On Saturday we were heading back to Brisbane. The looming thought of returning to work forced a right turn at Brooms Head. This coastal area in the Yuraygir National Park is a land-based fisherman’s paradise. There are plenty of estuaries, rocky headlands and beaches to choose from. You can catch all the common species; tailor, kingfish,Continue reading “Brooms Head – 3 October 2015”

Brooms Head – the Lagoon ridge – 22 September 2012

Landangler moves on to Brooms Head – the Whales are here, but where are the fish?

Brooms Head – Plover Island & Bonito – OOPS! Slimey Mackerel – 23 September 2011

Landangler has a fish at Plover Island and then gets amongst a school of Bonito back at Brooms Head

Brooms Head – 17 September 2011

Saturday We arrived at Brooms Head at about 3.00pm on Saturday. I grabbed the rod and headed straight for the rocks, out the front. There was no wind and it was a hot, still afternoon. There was no swell and the tide would be low at about 5.00 pm. This meant it was quite safeContinue reading “Brooms Head – 17 September 2011”

Broomes Head – Sandon River – 23 Sept 2010

Thursday The weather was improving but the swell was still up, so fishing the rocks out in front of Broomes Head did not look like a good prospect. I decided to go and have a look at the Sandon River, just 15 minutes drive to the south. This is small river system with a tidalContinue reading “Broomes Head – Sandon River – 23 Sept 2010”

Broomes Head Lagoon – Wild & Windy – 21 Sept 2010

Wind, rain and a massive swell mean’t a difficult start to the fishing at Broomes Head.