Yeppoon – Causeway Lake – 29 July 2012


I was heading up to Central Queensland again this week, so I decided to break my journey in Yeppoon. I would stay for a couple of days and try my luck fishing from the rocky headlands along this coast.

On Sunday afternoon I drove down to Causeway Lake to flick a soft plastic lure around at dusk. It had been a beautiful afternoon and everybody in Yeppoon and the surrounding area seemed to have had the same idea. There were lines everywhere along the bank and quite a few boats and kayaks further out.

This looks like a great fishing spot – it is a large lagoon that always has water in it. It fills from the ocean every time there is a high tide over about 3.6 metres. During these tides the water rushes in, and then out, over the rock bar at the entrance to the lake. This big tidal flow often produces some good fish near the rock bar, but there also plenty around the edges of the lake.

I started with a GULP 3” Minnow in the Pearl Watermelon colour, loaded on a 1/8th, size 1 jighead. I was using my light spin rod and reel. I had about 1.5m of fluorocarbon leader tied on to a spool of 4kg braid.

I cast all along the edge of the lake, beside the main road, gradually working my way towards the rock bar. There were too many other anglers at the rock bar itself, so I concentrated on the area close to the bank, where the mangroves start to grow. I felt a few bites and after about 30 minutes I found a small Flathead.

I let it go and switched to a small DUO Tetraworks Bivi, hard bodied vibe lure in a blue/ silver colour. I continued casting until well after sunset but could not persuade any fish to eat this one.

It was not a very impressive performance but on a quiet day I am sure this location would produce good fish!


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