Brunswick River, Lennox Head Beach & Flat Rock – August 2019

Landangler finds a Kingfish at Flat Rock

New Brighton, South Golden Beach, Bribie – Bream – August 2017

In August the bream where still around in numbers at Bribie and I also started to explore the beaches near the mouth of the Brunswick River in New South Wales. I am planning a move in that direction, so I need to get to know where to fish. Sticking with mainly Gulp soft plastics, IContinue reading “New Brighton, South Golden Beach, Bribie – Bream – August 2017”

Coffin Bay – Point Avoid – 11 June 2016

Saturday Having caught plenty of salmon trout inside Coffin Bay it was time to get out on to the surf beaches and find some bigger models. On Saturday morning I was up at 5.45 am and drove into the Coffin Bay National Park. I drove long the winding track out to the west side. ItContinue reading “Coffin Bay – Point Avoid – 11 June 2016”

1770 – Flat Rock – Stripey Perch – 16 May 2016

Monday Clear skies and light south-westerly winds strengthening and turning south easterly, were forecast for Monday. Flat Rock would be covered by the tide until about 8.30 am, so I drove down to the rocky outcrop, just to the south of Getaway Beach. This area always looks very fishy, but I have yet to catchContinue reading “1770 – Flat Rock – Stripey Perch – 16 May 2016”

1770 – Middle Rock, Wreck Rock -14 May 2016

Saturday I had some work to do in Gladstone in mid-May and this year I have decided to add fishing to work, at every opportunity.  I was driving up and decided a few days of land based fishing at 1770 would be a good move. I rented a unit from Gavin and Kim at theContinue reading “1770 – Middle Rock, Wreck Rock -14 May 2016”

Perth -Fremantle – Australian Salmon – 20 April 2016

Wednesday/ Thursday On a Wednesday morning in April, I found myself up early (as always) and in Perth. I was here for a week and although I would not get to Ningaloo Reef or the more glamorous WA fishing spots, I would have time for a few early morning sessions near Perth. I checked theContinue reading “Perth -Fremantle – Australian Salmon – 20 April 2016”

Iluka – Shark Bay – Tailor – 18 March 2016

Friday. It was Friday and although the wind and swell was forecast to drop off slightly in the morning – it would soon pick up again. I stuck with Shark Bay and arrived at about 5.45am. The skies were the clearest they had been all week and I was treated to a magnificent sunrise. IContinue reading “Iluka – Shark Bay – Tailor – 18 March 2016”

Iluka – Shark Bay – Tailor / Bream – 17 March 2016

Thursday On Thursday the weather was much the same and low tide was not until 11.20 am. Most of my favourite fishing points around Iluka are low or falling tide spots, so I decided to have a lie in. Of course a fisherman’s lie in just means getting up at dawn, rather than 90 minutesContinue reading “Iluka – Shark Bay – Tailor / Bream – 17 March 2016”

Iluka – Shark Bay – Tailor / Bream – 16 March 2016

Wednesday Wednesday in Iluka and more rain was forecast.  I woke to grey skies and the persistent south easterly wind and swell. Shark Bay would be the only sensible place to fish. Low tide would be about 9.30 am. By standing on the north side of the rocky outcrop, I would be able to castContinue reading “Iluka – Shark Bay – Tailor / Bream – 16 March 2016”

Iluka – Shark Bay – 15 March 2016

Tuesday I woke to more grey skies on Tuesday – but grey skies are a fisherman’s friend. At least it was not raining. I drove round to Woody Head, just before dawn I walked out onto the rock platform. But by first light I could already see that this location was going to be difficultContinue reading “Iluka – Shark Bay – 15 March 2016”

Bribie – the old oyster jetty flats – 7 March 2016

Monday The wind and wild weather persists. A look back at my fishing reports suggest that the run up to the full and new moons around February, March, April have produced the most consistent catches of flathead. The latter half of the run out tide also appears to be a good time to get atContinue reading “Bribie – the old oyster jetty flats – 7 March 2016”

Brisbane River – Boggy Creek – 29 February 2016

Monday Wind, wind, wind – this is why you do not want to buy a boat. Throughout the end of February the wild weather continued. The forecast was for a 30 knot southerly on Monday. Still, every cloud has a silver lining – less boat traffic means more undisturbed fish and remember it’s never windyContinue reading “Brisbane River – Boggy Creek – 29 February 2016”

Bribie – the old oyster jetty flats – big flathead – 27 February 2016

Wild winds as the tropical cyclone passes – but Landangler is rewarded with a very big flathead

Bribie – the old oyster jetty flats – 1 February 2016

Monday The start of February usually marks the beginning of the real change in wind patterns on my home fishing patch – South East Queensland. The hot summer northerly winds are attacked by the cooler winter south-easterlies. The water temperature starts to drop very slightly and there is often some wild weather. On Monday strongContinue reading “Bribie – the old oyster jetty flats – 1 February 2016”

Bribie – the old oyster jetty flats – 25 January 2016

Monday Low tide had proved productive on Friday and Monday would be full moon, so I just had to get out fishing again. The wind was forecast to build up into a very strong south-easterly by mid-morning. I arrived at the Bribie Bridge at 4.30 am, well before first light. Low tide had passed atContinue reading “Bribie – the old oyster jetty flats – 25 January 2016”

Bribie – The old oyster jetty flats – 2 January 2016

Saturday With Christmas done and dusted and the New Year underway. It was time to find an interesting activity other than eating and drinking. When your waders are getting tight you know you are in trouble. I needed to get moving and a morning fishing session is a great way of doing that. The weatherContinue reading “Bribie – The old oyster jetty flats – 2 January 2016”

South Golden Beach – Marshalls Creek – 23/24 December 2015

Wednesday On Wednesday morning I was up before dawn to have another shot of catching something decent in the surf. The wind had changed to a strong northerly over-night. When I walked out on to South Golden Beach at about 4.45 am, I could see the water was pretty stirred up. The wind was upContinue reading “South Golden Beach – Marshalls Creek – 23/24 December 2015”

New Brighton beach fishing – 22 December 2015

Tuesday In the run up to Christmas I spent a few days fishing on the beach at New Brighton, just north of Brunswick Heads. On Tuesday I wandered out for an afternoon fish and decided to walk towards New Brighton from South Golden Beach. I started at about 3.00 pm. I was using my DaiwaContinue reading “New Brighton beach fishing – 22 December 2015”