Bribie Island – Seaside Museum – 20 August 2012

I was back in Brisbane and decided on a quick fish at Bribie. Low tide was about an hour before dawn. I decided to try the drop off in front of the Seaside Museum.

I arrived about 5.30 am and rigged up in the dark. It is just after the new moon and I was hoping to find a few Bream. I started with a small 3 ” Minnow soft plastic in the Rainbow colour. I saw a few surface bust ups close to the drop off.  I decided to swap to a bigger plastic, a Gulp Jerkshad in the Cajun Chicken colour.

This worked and the lure was hit on the drop, on the first cast. I thought I had hooked the fish but after a couple of short runs,  it was gone. After a few more casts, I had another fish on. This time it stayed hooked. It was Bream, just under 30cm long. The next cast produced another, slightly smaller Bream.

Then as the sun came up, properly, the fish just shut down. I fiddled with different lures but could not get a bite.

Soon the tide forced me away from the drop off and the cold water and wind persuaded me to call it quits.

My apologies for the photos. I forgot the camera and had to use the phone.


Bribie Bream


1 thought on “Bribie Island – Seaside Museum – 20 August 2012

  1. Hi Landangler,

    I find it amazing to see the results you consistantly get fishing at and around rocky headlands. It’s totally changed my perception on where to fish!
    I hope to fish in the same way as you , when I’m next in Port Macquarie.I just hope I don’t loose to much gear!

    Thanks for yoiur reports again, Sea Eagle

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