Flat Rock and Whites Head – 14 August 2020

Landangler does not let gear failure slow him down – fishing at Sharp’s Beach, near Ballina

Bribie – the Sandstone Point flats – 21 January 2016

Warm and windy but Landangler catches dinner on a big tide

Bribie – Stout longtoms -4 January 2016

Monday The bad weather continued. It had rained heavily over the weekend and most of the night. I decided to try for a few fish on the dawn high tide on the old oyster jetty flats at Bribie. High tide would be at 5.30 am. After all the rain the temperature had dropped to aboutContinue reading “Bribie – Stout longtoms -4 January 2016”

Hat Head – Korogoro Creek – 28 September 2015

Monday On Monday I did not have time for the walk out to the headland so I decided to see what the monster, full moon morning high tide would push up Korogoro Creek. On the low tide the day before the water had looked like gravy, as the tannin stained water drained off the surroundingContinue reading “Hat Head – Korogoro Creek – 28 September 2015”

North Stradbroke Island – Tailor – Dune Rocks – 14 August 2015

Landangler finds more tailor, this time on North Stradbroke Island

Bribie – a bagful of flathead – 2 June 2015

Landangler fills a bag of with flathead fishing with soft plastics at Bribie

1770 – Tom’s Creek – 4 December 2014

Thursday On Thursday morning I drove down to Wreck Rock to fish through dawn. When I arrived the wind and swell was up and the tide was higher than I had expected. After an hour and a spectacular sunrise, I decided to give up and look elsewhere for some fish. I stopped in town forContinue reading “1770 – Tom’s Creek – 4 December 2014”

1770 – Getaway Beach and Tom’s Creek – 3 December 2014

Wednesday Wednesday was a beautiful morning but a disappointing one, from a fishing point of view.  I was still at 1770 and I decided to walk round from the beach that has the desalination plant intake to Getaway Beach. There is some really fantastic looking fishy terrain along here but apart from small dart andContinue reading “1770 – Getaway Beach and Tom’s Creek – 3 December 2014”

1770 – Wreck Rock – 2 December 2014

Tuesday Once again I apologize for not writing up my fishing reports sooner but Christmas got in the way.  This one and the few that I will publish over the next few days, are from early December 2014 – better late than never. I managed to get a few days off in Gladstone in earlyContinue reading “1770 – Wreck Rock – 2 December 2014”

Iluka – Woody Head – 26 November 2014

Cloudy and wet but plenty of good fish around at Woody Head

Iluka – Middle Bluff and the Clarence River – 23 November 2014

Things start well with a great sunrise and a few fish for Landangler at Iluka

1770 – Deepwater Creek – 4 November 2014

Landangler finds fish in the freshwater and the saltwater at Deepwater Creek, south of 1770

Bribie – the old oyster jetty flats – 23 April 2014

Landangler finds a few flathead, wading the flats on Bribie Island

Bribie – the old oyster jetty shark adventure – 02 January 2014

Landangler finds himself cleaning out his waders after a bull shark encounter in the Pumicestone Passage at Bribie Island