Fingal & the Tweed River – 12 September 2012


The wind is messing my fishing around. There was no swell forecast for Wednesday and a light south easterly. I arrived at Fingal head to find the wind howling and a massive south easterly swell crashing against the rocks. Another keen local angler caught a decent (45cm) Tailor just after first light, but all I could manage where blue jellyfish. There were hundreds of them.

After four hours of battling the swell with hard bodies, slugs and soft plastics, I had caught nothing and I was worn out. I decided to look for some fish in the Tweed River, so I drove down to Dry Dock Road, pulled on the waders and went to fish the southern end of Boyds Island. A few hours either side of low tide you can wade through the mud shallows to reach the edge of the main channel.

Flats around Boyds Island

It was hard work in places but eventually I found some firm ground and started casting a GULP 4” Swimmow in the Sardine colour along parallel with the edge of the weed beds. I felt a bite and thought I had a fish, but just as I caught sight of it – a Flathead about 40 cm – it wriggled free. It was now just after 11.30 am and the tide was about to turn in again.

Hiding by the weed

Tweed Flathead

I kept moving up river and twenty minutes later I caught my first fish of the day – after about six hours. It was another 40 cm Flathead and it ate the GULP 4” Swimmow and stayed hooked. I released it and waded back to the car.


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