Between Gayndah and Biloela – 1 October 2013

I have been stopping at as many creeks as I can during my recent travels. I keep the light rod rigged with a 10lb leader and light jighead, ready to go, in the back of the car. The other day, somewhere between Gayndah and Biloela, I crossed this puddle just after dawn. I could not resist a quick cast.

The pool was just about a metre deep and hardly any water was running through. I put on my new freshwater favorite soft plastic; the GULP 2 inch Crabbie in the Emerald Shine colour. On my first cast I felt a few taps. On the second I pulled out a tiny pretty spotted fish – I assume it is a spangled perch. Great start to the day!


5 thoughts on “Between Gayndah and Biloela – 1 October 2013

  1. Hi
    I will be visiting QL in Feb 2014 coming from N Ireland. Love your “have a go” attitude and would like some advice on where to “have a chuck”.
    Good luck and tight lines

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