Iluka – Middle Bluff, Iluka Bluff & Fraser’s Reef – February 2017

In early February, I had a few days fishing at Iluka. The weather was not ideal with strong northerly winds, but generally clear skies. These made casting difficult but I fished all the rocky headlands of the Bundjalung National Park – Shark Bay, Woody Head, Middle Bluff, Frasers Reef & the Iluka Bluff.

I fished with soft plastics, metal slugs and some hard-bodied lures. For the soft plastics, I generally used 1/4 ounce and 1/6th ounce jigheads and the most successful slug was a brass colored 70g Halco Twisty. I swapped up and down between 12lb and 30lb fluorocarbon leaders. I caught Trevally, Bream, Pike, Dart and the highlight was a keeper size jewfish on a GULP Cajun Chicken Jerkshad soft plastic at Iluka Bluff. I did not catch a tailor all week but did see a few pulled from the water at Iluka Bluff.


4 thoughts on “Iluka – Middle Bluff, Iluka Bluff & Fraser’s Reef – February 2017

  1. Hi,

    Im heading down to Woody Head this coming weekend for my first time. Bringing the tinny and some big lures. Any advice on whats around and what i may expect?



  2. Hi mate. Trying to plan a trip to Deepwater
    national park in the next 2 weeks. Got any tips for me. What gear to use and lure recommendation?

    • If the wind is kind then cast soft plastics around the rocks – particularly off the front of Flat rock and off the front of rocks to the left side at Wreck Rock, both are best fished run out to low tide. A 40 gram slug also sometimes finds the trevally but often finds the rocks.

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