Iluka – March 2020

Landangler enjoys splendid self-isolation at Iluka in northern New South Wales

Bribie and Iluka – Bream – July 2017

July I agree with the general sentiment that a clear sunny winter day in Queensland is hard to beat. Ok, so the mornings can be chilly but there is something great about needing a beany at sunrise and a cold shower at noon. July provided some good weather and some great bream. I started theContinue reading “Bribie and Iluka – Bream – July 2017”

Iluka – Shark Bay – Tailor – 18 March 2016

Friday. It was Friday and although the wind and swell was forecast to drop off slightly in the morning – it would soon pick up again. I stuck with Shark Bay and arrived at about 5.45am. The skies were the clearest they had been all week and I was treated to a magnificent sunrise. IContinue reading “Iluka – Shark Bay – Tailor – 18 March 2016”

Iluka – Shark Bay – Tailor / Bream – 17 March 2016

Thursday On Thursday the weather was much the same and low tide was not until 11.20 am. Most of my favourite fishing points around Iluka are low or falling tide spots, so I decided to have a lie in. Of course a fisherman’s lie in just means getting up at dawn, rather than 90 minutesContinue reading “Iluka – Shark Bay – Tailor / Bream – 17 March 2016”

Iluka – Shark Bay – Tailor / Bream – 16 March 2016

Wednesday Wednesday in Iluka and more rain was forecast.  I woke to grey skies and the persistent south easterly wind and swell. Shark Bay would be the only sensible place to fish. Low tide would be about 9.30 am. By standing on the north side of the rocky outcrop, I would be able to castContinue reading “Iluka – Shark Bay – Tailor / Bream – 16 March 2016”

Iluka – Shark Bay – 15 March 2016

Tuesday I woke to more grey skies on Tuesday – but grey skies are a fisherman’s friend. At least it was not raining. I drove round to Woody Head, just before dawn I walked out onto the rock platform. But by first light I could already see that this location was going to be difficultContinue reading “Iluka – Shark Bay – 15 March 2016”

Iluka – Iluka Bluff – Snapper – 13 March 2016

Sunday I had managed to bunk off for a few days to fish the rocky headlands of the Bundjalung National Park at Iluka in Northern New South Wales. I drove down through several big rain showers on Sunday morning. As usual in this spot, the weather would not be ideal. There would be a prettyContinue reading “Iluka – Iluka Bluff – Snapper – 13 March 2016”

Iluka – Shark Bay – Jewfish – 12 June 2015

Friday On Friday the wind was a 10-15 knot south-westerly. I woke to heavy rain at about 5.00 am and it was cold. I had decided to go back to Shark Bay but low tide would not be until about 10.00 am, so there was no hurry. I had breakfast and put on a fewContinue reading “Iluka – Shark Bay – Jewfish – 12 June 2015”

Iluka – Shark Bay – 11 June 2015

Thursday As is so often the case in Iluka – the weather was not easy to deal with. The week before it had looked good with light winds and no rain forecast. I woke up early on Thursday to a howling south-easterly wind and intermittent rain, so I rolled over and tried to go backContinue reading “Iluka – Shark Bay – 11 June 2015”