Wooyung & New Brighton Beach – April 2018

April saw no real sign of water temperatures dropping. I carried on fishing the beaches around Brunswick Heads. I increasingly started taking my bigger rod out and casting a 40 or 60 gram brass coloured Halco Twisty or bigger hard bodied minnow lure into the surf. A couple of times I caught small Tailor, just on dawn or dusk but I only really connected with one solid fish. This was at Black Rock on Wooyung beach. I was casting beside the rocks at dusk and I saw a solid (approx. 50cm Tailor) grab the Twisty in the crest of the wave. I was probably a little too excited and wound hard as soon as the fish took the lure, it ran for a bit and then spat the it out, or I pulled it free.

I continued to fish the beaches with soft plastics and found plenty of small flathead and a few dinner sized ones. I fished Mooball Creek and also found small flathead there. I was surprised by several solid whiting that swallowed a 4”minnow soft plastic on the beach at North Head. The dart and bream also grabbed lightly weighted soft plastics  in the surf.

I heard reports of a fishermen catching tailor in ones or twos, just after dark on the beaches, but no-one seemed to have encountered a big school.


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