Bribie Island – the Seaside Museum Drain – 22 June 2012


Bugger the tax return – back up to Bribie. I arrived at about 8.30 am. High tide would be at about 11.00 am, so I was fishing the run in tide. There was not enough water over the flats around Sandstone Point, so I decided to try fishing on the Bribie Island side of the Pumicestone Passage at Bongaree.

I started in front of the Seaside Museum. I waded along the sand bank at the mouth of the drain and cast over the edge of the drop off that runs along here. There was plenty of bait around and every now and then it would scatter, as a predator came up from below. These bust ups would happen at the edge of the drop off. Probably the passing schools of chopper Tailor or the resident Pike.

The tide was not ideal. There was too much water and I could not really make out where the drop off started. I got snagged plenty of times on the edge. I moved further north, towards the jetty but could not find anything here. I tried big and small soft plastics, hard bodies and even a tiny popper – but I could not find a fish.

Friday's wading route

Friday’s wading route

I drove down to Woorim and round to Skirmish Point for a reconnaissance. There should be some Tailor hanging around here by now. And I have also heard about a few Tuna captures. I walked out to the beach and wandered up and down, prospecting with a big soft plastic and spooked plenty of bait. I will have to come back just before dawn one day.

After a good run, I could not find the fish today. Tide? Location?, Wind? Lures? – too many variables in fishing – that’s what keeps it interesting!

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