1770 – Tom’s Creek Barramundi – 6 December 2014

Landangler finds a barramundi, fishing from the shore in the creeks around 1770

1770 – Tom’s Creek – 4 December 2014

Thursday On Thursday morning I drove down to Wreck Rock to fish through dawn. When I arrived the wind and swell was up and the tide was higher than I had expected. After an hour and a spectacular sunrise, I decided to give up and look elsewhere for some fish. I stopped in town forContinue reading “1770 – Tom’s Creek – 4 December 2014”

1770 – Getaway Beach and Tom’s Creek – 3 December 2014

Wednesday Wednesday was a beautiful morning but a disappointing one, from a fishing point of view.  I was still at 1770 and I decided to walk round from the beach that has the desalination plant intake to Getaway Beach. There is some really fantastic looking fishy terrain along here but apart from small dart andContinue reading “1770 – Getaway Beach and Tom’s Creek – 3 December 2014”