Bribie Island – The Seaside Museum flats – 24 July 2013

Landangler comes across another Jewfish at Bribie on a chilly morning

Bribie Island – the Seaside Museum drain and flats – 19 July 2013

Landangler finds plenty of variety, land-based fishing on Bribie island, on the Queensland Sunshine Coast

Bribie Island – the Seaside Museum drain and Buckleys Hole – 17 July 2013

Landangler finds some quality fish, land-based fishing on Bribie Island

Bribie – Oyster jetty flats – 15 July 2013

Landangler finds a couple of good fish in more miserable weather at Bribie.

Bribie Island – the old oyster jetty flats – 21 June 2013

Landangler braves the elements to find some flathead, fishing at Bribie Island

1770 – Baffle Creek – Flat Rock Ramp – 10/11 June 2013

Landangler completes his Central Queensland fishing expedition at Baffle Creek. He gets a few fish but it is very hard work. When will this weather give us a break?