Iluka – Woody Head -The Barnacles – 24 June 2011

Landangler lands a good Jewfish from the rocks at Woody Head, Iluka, Northern New South Wales

Bribie – The Bridge and from the old Oyster Jetty to the channel marker – 21 June 2011

Landangler finds fishing the Pumicestone Passage at Bribie Island, a little tougher this week.

Bribie Island – the Oyster Jetty to the Channel Marker – 19 June 2011

Landangler braves the chilly dawn waters in his waders, to catch a few more Flathead from the sandbanks around Bribie Island, Queensland, Australia

Bribie Island – Buckleys Hole lagoon and south of the oyster jetty – 16 June 2011

Landangler catches another bagful of good sized Flathead from the Pumicestone Passage.

Flathead Paradise on Bribie Island – 9 June 2011

Landangler finds Flathead paradise, fishing the sand flats on Bribie Island – only the cold wind eventually stops the land based fishing session

Bribie Island – Sandstone Point – the Channel Marker to the Bridge – 5 June 2011

Its getting too cold to be standing in that water at 5.30 am but Landangler still lands a few fish.