Bribie Island – Wild & Windy – 30 Sept 2010

Friday With the SSE wind gusting to at least 25 knots this morning; I really should have stayed in bed. However there is something in all diehard fishermen that makes us think it might not really be that bad. When I arrived at Bribie Island at 4.45 am it really was that bad. In fact,Continue reading “Bribie Island – Wild & Windy – 30 Sept 2010”

Broomes Head – Sandon River – 23 Sept 2010

Thursday The weather was improving but the swell was still up, so fishing the rocks out in front of Broomes Head did not look like a good prospect. I decided to go and have a look at the Sandon River, just 15 minutes drive to the south. This is small river system with a tidalContinue reading “Broomes Head – Sandon River – 23 Sept 2010”

Broomes Head Lagoon – Wild & Windy – 21 Sept 2010

Wind, rain and a massive swell mean’t a difficult start to the fishing at Broomes Head.

Bribie Island – Buckleys Hole – 17 Sept 2010

Bribie Island – Catching the Tailor that the Flathead wanted to eat.

Bribie Island – Plenty of Flathead – 14 Sept 2010

Plenty of Flathead were chasing the soft plastics around Bribie Island on Tuesday.

Bribie Island – I tried everywhere – 11 Sept 2010

Saturday Well just to show that I am not a ‘good news only’ fishing blogger, Saturday morning was a disaster. It went like this – I had high hopes for a good catch, with a big tide and good weather. I started off under the Bridge on the island side at Bribie. It was justContinue reading “Bribie Island – I tried everywhere – 11 Sept 2010”

Bribie Island – Choppers, Snapper & a few Flathead – 7 Sept 2010

Tuesday I headed north from Brisbane very early on Tuesday. I wanted to get fishing under the Bribie Bridge an hour before first light. I was on the road at 3.45am and in position on the island side right under the bridge lights by about 4.30 am. As usual there was plenty of surface actionContinue reading “Bribie Island – Choppers, Snapper & a few Flathead – 7 Sept 2010”