Bribie Island – Whitepatch – 29 August 2010

Sunday Morning The advantage of fishing from the shore is that provided you are prepared to wrap up, you can still fish in a 15 knot wind. Especially if you chose somewhere like the Pumicestone Passage which has a few, fairly sheltered areas. The other advantage of fishing at these times is there is almostContinue reading “Bribie Island – Whitepatch – 29 August 2010”

Brisbane River – Pinkenba Rockwall – 25 Aug 2010

After a great week of fishing down at Iluka I was keen to get back out on my home patch around Brisbane. On Wednesday the weather was not too promising. With limited time and strong westerly winds I decided to try fishing along the Pinkenba rock wall on the north side of the Brisbane River.Continue reading “Brisbane River – Pinkenba Rockwall – 25 Aug 2010”

Iluka – Browns Rocks – Final Session – 14 August 2010

On Saturday the swell from the big low that was moving past offshore, arrived. This was my last day at Iluka. The rocky headlands were a no go area and the key sign that fishing was out of the question was the arrival of all the surfers. I decided to have a lie in andContinue reading “Iluka – Browns Rocks – Final Session – 14 August 2010”

Iluka – Frazers Reef Tailor – 13 August 2010

Friday brought a slightly warmer morning so I headed back to Frazer’s Reef at Iluka to see if there were anymore Jewfish to be had. I was fishing with a mate who is yet to land one and expectations were high. The conditions were still very good but the wind had turned around to aContinue reading “Iluka – Frazers Reef Tailor – 13 August 2010”

Iluka – Frazers Reef – Jewies – 12 August 2010

On Thursday morning conditions were as near perfect as you can get on the rocky headlands around Iluka. There was a light (but cold) westerly wind which had flattened the swell and despite the rain earlier in the week, the water was fairly clean. I decided to fish the rock ledges around Frazer’s Reef, aContinue reading “Iluka – Frazers Reef – Jewies – 12 August 2010”

Iluka – Woody Head – 11 August 2010

Tuesday was a washout with 24 hours of almost solid rain. Fortunately the tent kept me dry throughout. By the lunchtime low tide on Wednesday, the sky was still overcast but things where brightening up. The ‘Barnacles’ at Woody Head, where I had been fishing the day before, were out of bounds due to theContinue reading “Iluka – Woody Head – 11 August 2010”

Iluka – Woody Head Trevally Alley – 9 August 2010

I have just returned from a week camping next to the Bundjalong National Park at Iluka. I fished the rocky headlands around the mouth of the mighty Clarence River. I had a number of great fishing sessions and I will post a report on each, over the next week or so. I arrived for aContinue reading “Iluka – Woody Head Trevally Alley – 9 August 2010”

Bribie Island – Sandstone Point and Buckleys Hole – 5 August 2010

Looks like it will be fish pie with a Bribie Island mixed bag of fish on soft plastic lures.