The River Loddon – Trout – 12 July 2016

Thursday On my next Thursday in London I was keen to get down to the River Loddon again to continue my fly fishing revision. It was turning in to a typical English summer – wet and fairly cold. At Wimbledon they had been playing make up matches on the Sunday because of the terrible andContinue reading “The River Loddon – Trout – 12 July 2016”

The River Loddon – Trout – 5 July 2016

Thursday In early July I found myself in the UK and my father (a keen fly fisherman) invited me to join him for an afternoon of trout fishing on the River Loddon at Strathfield Saye  – the Duke of Wellington’s country estate. The estate was gifted to Wellington in 1817 to thank him forContinue reading “The River Loddon – Trout – 5 July 2016”

Bribie – The oyster jetty flats – 25 June 2016

Saturday I was back in Brisbane again and drove up to Bribie to fish the flats. A cold 10 to 15 knot south westerly had been blowing overnight but by dawn the wind had dropped. It was 14 degrees as I walked out under the bridge in my waders. It was 5 days after fullContinue reading “Bribie – The oyster jetty flats – 25 June 2016”

Bribie – The oyster jetty flats – 17 June 2016

Friday I was back on home turf and I finally had the chance to chase some cold weather flathead at Bribie. I drove up to Sandstone Point at about 9.30 am, to fish the last few hours of the run out tide. I arrived and pulled on my waders and wandered out under the bridge.Continue reading “Bribie – The oyster jetty flats – 17 June 2016”

Coffin Bay – Mount Dutton and Kellidie Bays – 13 June 2016

Monday Monday was to be my last day at Coffin Bay. The wind had come up again and when I woke at 5.30 am it was bitterly cold. I wrapped up and drove round to the flats at Farm Beach. In the biting wind I wandered around casting through dawn but apart from a fewContinue reading “Coffin Bay – Mount Dutton and Kellidie Bays – 13 June 2016”

Coffin Bay – Point Avoid – 11 June 2016

Saturday Having caught plenty of salmon trout inside Coffin Bay it was time to get out on to the surf beaches and find some bigger models. On Saturday morning I was up at 5.45 am and drove into the Coffin Bay National Park. I drove long the winding track out to the west side. ItContinue reading “Coffin Bay – Point Avoid – 11 June 2016”