Tweed River – The Rockwall – Jewfish/ Tailor Round 2 – 29 Dec 2010

Landangler finally gets a jewfish from the Tweed Rockwall

Tweed River – The Rockwall – Jewfish Weather – 27 Dec 2010

The rain does not stop Landangler chasing Jewfish on soft plastic lures at the mouth of the Tweed River

Tweed River – The Rockwall – Tailor & Queenfish – 23 Dec 2010

Landangler goes looking for Kingfish on the Tweed rockwall but gets a Queenfish instead.

Tweed River – The Rockwall – Three Kings for Xmas – 20 Dec 2010

Monday Now I had the bit between my teeth. Land based fishermen don’t often get the chance to get amongst the Kingfish. So after a great morning on Saturday, I decided to put in another early start on the Tweed rockwall on Monday. I arrived just before first light, around 3.45 am and was treatedContinue reading “Tweed River – The Rockwall – Three Kings for Xmas – 20 Dec 2010”

Tweed River – The Rockwall – Kingfish and Amberjack – 19 Dec 2010

Saturday As you may have read, my latest early morning foray on the Tweed River rockwall ended with no fish but a close encounter with something powerful. Predictably, I kept replaying the final moments of losing that fish in my mind and it grew and grew. On Friday night I went to bed primed forContinue reading “Tweed River – The Rockwall – Kingfish and Amberjack – 19 Dec 2010”

Iluka – Shark Bay in the rain – 3 Dec 2010

Landangler looks for some Bream on soft plastics, off the rocks in Iluka – Northern New South Wales. Its still raining but he finds a few fish.

Iluka – The Rockwall – 2 Dec 2010

Landangler finds a few hungry Tailor on soft plastics, off the Iluka rockwall, in Northern New South Wales