Brunswick River – Brunswick Heads – 1 September 2020

The Brunswick River is very peaceful in September as the Queensland border slams shut.

Sharpes Beach, Ballina and North Head, New Brighton – July 2019

July provides plenty of variety – fishing fishing from the shore in northern New South Wales

Brunswick Heads, Skennars Head and Broken Head – May 2018

Plenty of bream and dart with a few small tailor thrown in

South Golden Beach – Marshalls Creek – 23/24 December 2015

Wednesday On Wednesday morning I was up before dawn to have another shot of catching something decent in the surf. The wind had changed to a strong northerly over-night. When I walked out on to South Golden Beach at about 4.45 am, I could see the water was pretty stirred up. The wind was upContinue reading “South Golden Beach – Marshalls Creek – 23/24 December 2015”

New Brighton beach fishing – 22 December 2015

Tuesday In the run up to Christmas I spent a few days fishing on the beach at New Brighton, just north of Brunswick Heads. On Tuesday I wandered out for an afternoon fish and decided to walk towards New Brighton from South Golden Beach. I started at about 3.00 pm. I was using my DaiwaContinue reading “New Brighton beach fishing – 22 December 2015”

New Brighton – the beach – 19 October 2105

Monday On Monday I decided to fish the beach a little further north of the Brunswick River mouth, between South Golden Beach and New Brighton. When there is a fairly regular wind pattern some good gutters form along this stretch of beach. There are also a few small patches of exposed rocks which are goodContinue reading “New Brighton – the beach – 19 October 2105”

Brunswick Heads – tailor time – 3 August 2015

Sunday – Monday I had managed to get a few days down at South Golden Beach in Northern New South Wales and was very keen to see if the Tailor where around on the beaches. On Sunday morning I was up before dawn. I wrapped up in warm clothes and pulled on my waders. TheContinue reading “Brunswick Heads – tailor time – 3 August 2015”