Brunswick Heads – Joe Blake – 3 August 2015

Monday I could not resist returning to the same beach gutter at Brunswick Heads on Monday evening to see if the fish were still there. The gutter that had produced so many tailor in the morning now only seemed to hold a few dart. After a while I caught one tiny flathead on a smallContinue reading “Brunswick Heads – Joe Blake – 3 August 2015”

Tweed River – South Rockwall – Tailor, Trevally – 6 Aug 2011

Landangler swaps over to the South Rockwall of the Tweed River for some land-based fishing with soft plastics. He finds plenty of fish on the bite just after dawn.

Tweed Rockwall – Tailor – 4 August 2011

The Tweed Rockwall can produce great fish but Landangler struggles to find them.

Tweed Rockwall – Trevally and a Snapper encounter – 02 Aug 2011

Landangler has a rare encounter with a big knobby off the Tweed Rockwall

Iluka – Middle Bluff – Tailor – 11 April 2011

Landangler finds some good Tailor, fishing in Northern New South Wales with soft plastics.

Iluka – Frasers Reef – Jewfish/Bream – 12 Feb 2011

The fishing goes quiet at Iluka, Northern New South Wales, but Landangler catches a great Bream at Frasers Reef.

Iluka – Middle Bluff – Even more Jewfish – 11 Feb 2011

More Jewfish/ Mulloway on soft plastics, fishing from the rocky headlands at Iluka, Northern New South Wales

Iluka – Middle Bluff – Jewfish – 9 Feb 2011

Landangler goes fishing for Jewfish off the rocks around Iluka in northern New South Wales.

Iluka – Shark Bay – 8 Feb 2011

Landangler finds a few Bream but it is a slow start to the fishing in Iluka – Northern New South Wales

Fingal Head – Jew & Trevally – 8 Feb 2011

Landangler stops in at Fingal Head to do a bit of rock fishing. He finds Jewfish and Trevally on soft plastic lures..

Fingal Head – The Lighthouse Rocks – 1 Feb 2011

Landangler gives up on the Tweed river mouth and heads to Fingal Head where he finds some Jewfish on soft plastics

Tweed River – The Rockwall – Another Duck

Landangler scores another duck – no fish for dinner!

Tweed River – The Rockwall – Tailor / Trevally – 14 Jan 2011

Landangler finds a few fish on soft plastic lures on the north rockwall at the Tweed River mouth in Northern New South Wales.