Bribie Island – Bongaree – 22 September 2015

Tuesday Its school holidays and it already feels like a chore reminding my teenagers that fresh air and limb movement are essential elements of a healthy lifestyle. So kicking and screaming, I confiscated their phones and forced them into the car on Tuesday morning, to drive them up to Bribie Island. Obviously, a pre-dawn startContinue reading “Bribie Island – Bongaree – 22 September 2015”

Bribie Island – The old oyster jetty flats – 11 August 2014

Monday After a disappointing outing on Friday I was up earlier on Monday.  It was full moon. In fact, it was a super moon. That is probably why I could not sleep. I did not have much time, so I drove up to Bribie Island for a quick morning session. The fish are always outContinue reading “Bribie Island – The old oyster jetty flats – 11 August 2014”

Bribie – the bridge and the Seaside Museum creek mouth – 19 May 2014

Landangler finds a few pre-dawn tailor, land based fishing in the wind and rain at Bribie Island, Queensland

Bribie – the old oyster jetty flats – 16 April 2014

Wednesday On Wednesday I drove up to Bribie and arrived just before first light at about 5.30 am. On Tuesday night we had a lunar eclipse and the full moon was huge and bright in the west. There was a surprisingly cool south-westerly wind blowing. Low tide had passed just after 4.00 am so byContinue reading “Bribie – the old oyster jetty flats – 16 April 2014”

Bribie Island – Buckleys Hole lagoon and south of the oyster jetty – 16 June 2011

Landangler catches another bagful of good sized Flathead from the Pumicestone Passage.

Bribie Island – Sandstone Point – the Channel Marker to the Bridge – 5 June 2011

Its getting too cold to be standing in that water at 5.30 am but Landangler still lands a few fish.

Bribie Island – From the Bridge to Sandstone Point – 29 May 2011

Landangler gets a few more Flathead – fishing the flats at Bribie Island, Queensland

Bribie Island – Buckley’s Hole – Stonefish Encounter – 5 May 2011

Landangler gets a nasty surprise when he steps on a Stonefish, whilst wading the sand flats of Bribie Island.

Bribie Island – Bridge, Buckleys Hole and Whitepatch – 14 Nov 2010

Landangler is back and gets straight into the fish in the murky waters around Bribie Island.

Bribie Island – Buckley’s Hole – 2 Oct 2010

Saturday The weather was poor – 10 – 15 Knot wind and showers. But it was still better than Thursday, so I decided to get out fishing for a few hours, around dawn on Saturday. I set off in a rain storm, at around 4.00 am and arrived at Buckley’s Hole on Bribie Island, atContinue reading “Bribie Island – Buckley’s Hole – 2 Oct 2010”

Bribie Island – Plenty of Flathead – 14 Sept 2010

Plenty of Flathead were chasing the soft plastics around Bribie Island on Tuesday.

Bribie Island – I tried everywhere – 11 Sept 2010

Saturday Well just to show that I am not a ‘good news only’ fishing blogger, Saturday morning was a disaster. It went like this – I had high hopes for a good catch, with a big tide and good weather. I started off under the Bridge on the island side at Bribie. It was justContinue reading “Bribie Island – I tried everywhere – 11 Sept 2010”

Bribie Island – Choppers, Snapper & a few Flathead – 7 Sept 2010

Tuesday I headed north from Brisbane very early on Tuesday. I wanted to get fishing under the Bribie Bridge an hour before first light. I was on the road at 3.45am and in position on the island side right under the bridge lights by about 4.30 am. As usual there was plenty of surface actionContinue reading “Bribie Island – Choppers, Snapper & a few Flathead – 7 Sept 2010”