South Ballina – 7 September 2020

Landangler finds some school jewfish and has some success with the DUO Drag Metal Cast Slow jigs

South Ballina Rockwall – Early August 2020

Landangler finds plenty of bream and some salmon at South Ballina

Skennars Head, Brunswick River – Flathead, Dart, Bream and Tailor – January 2018

The Brunswick River turned into a water park for January with kayaks, canoes, tinnies, paddle boards and anything else that floats, ploughing up and down from dawn until  dusk. I caught a few flathead and dart at Northhead and out on the beach but fishing was tough On my explorations of the northern New SouthContinue reading “Skennars Head, Brunswick River – Flathead, Dart, Bream and Tailor – January 2018”

Iluka – Shark Bay – Tailor / Bream – 16 March 2016

Wednesday Wednesday in Iluka and more rain was forecast.  I woke to grey skies and the persistent south easterly wind and swell. Shark Bay would be the only sensible place to fish. Low tide would be about 9.30 am. By standing on the north side of the rocky outcrop, I would be able to castContinue reading “Iluka – Shark Bay – Tailor / Bream – 16 March 2016”

Brooms Head – 3 October 2015

Saturday On Saturday we were heading back to Brisbane. The looming thought of returning to work forced a right turn at Brooms Head. This coastal area in the Yuraygir National Park is a land-based fisherman’s paradise. There are plenty of estuaries, rocky headlands and beaches to choose from. You can catch all the common species; tailor, kingfish,Continue reading “Brooms Head – 3 October 2015”

Iluka – Shark Bay – Tailor, Tailor, Tailor – 12 April 2013

Landangler finishes the week with a good tailor session in Iluka

Tweed River – South Rockwall – Tailor and Jewfish – 7 August 2011

The Tailor bite at dawn at the Tweed River mouth and Landangler also finds a Jewfish

Tweed Rockwall – Tailor – 4 August 2011

The Tweed Rockwall can produce great fish but Landangler struggles to find them.

Bribie Island – Buckleys Hole – Tailor, Bream, Flathead – 10 July 2011

Landangler catches some Bream, Tailor and Flathead on a cold and windy morning at Bribie Island

Iluka – Middle Bluff – Tailor – 11 April 2011

Landangler finds some good Tailor, fishing in Northern New South Wales with soft plastics.

Tweed River – The Rockwall – Tailor / Trevally – 14 Jan 2011

Landangler finds a few fish on soft plastic lures on the north rockwall at the Tweed River mouth in Northern New South Wales.

Tweed River – The Rockwall – Tailor & Queenfish – 23 Dec 2010

Landangler goes looking for Kingfish on the Tweed rockwall but gets a Queenfish instead.

Iluka – The Rockwall – 2 Dec 2010

Landangler finds a few hungry Tailor on soft plastics, off the Iluka rockwall, in Northern New South Wales

Bribie Island – Wild & Windy – 30 Sept 2010

Friday With the SSE wind gusting to at least 25 knots this morning; I really should have stayed in bed. However there is something in all diehard fishermen that makes us think it might not really be that bad. When I arrived at Bribie Island at 4.45 am it really was that bad. In fact,Continue reading “Bribie Island – Wild & Windy – 30 Sept 2010”