Coffin Bay – Mount Dutton and Kellidie Bays – 13 June 2016

Monday Monday was to be my last day at Coffin Bay. The wind had come up again and when I woke at 5.30 am it was bitterly cold. I wrapped up and drove round to the flats at Farm Beach. In the biting wind I wandered around casting through dawn but apart from a fewContinue reading “Coffin Bay – Mount Dutton and Kellidie Bays – 13 June 2016”

Bribie – the old oyster jetty flats – big flathead – 27 February 2016

Wild winds as the tropical cyclone passes – but Landangler is rewarded with a very big flathead

Bribie – Oyster jetty flats – 7 January 2013

Landangler fishes a big high tide at Bribie and finds a few fish on the soft plastic lures

Tweed Rockwall – Trevally and a Snapper encounter – 02 Aug 2011

Landangler has a rare encounter with a big knobby off the Tweed Rockwall

Bribie Island – Buckley’s Hole – A couple of Flathead – 1 Aug 2011

The weed is starting to clear and the wind has dropped – Landangler finds a couple of Flathead at Bribie Island

Wreck Rock – Deep Water National Park 1770 – 13 May 2011

Landangler puts in the hours and finally finds a decent fish, land-based fishing at Wreck Rock near 1770

Bribie Island – Bridge and Sandstone Point – 1 March 2011

Landangler finds plenty of Flathead at Sandstone Point

Bribie Island – Old Oyster Jetty – Flathead & Cod – 20 Feb 2011

Landangler finds a few Flathead on soft plastic lures in the murky waters of the Pumicestone Passage.

Bream & Flathead from the Clarence River – Browns Rocks – 12 Feb 2011

Landangler finds plenty of Flathead fishing with soft plastics in the Clarence River at Iluka, Northern New South Wales

Fingal Head – The Lighthouse Rocks – 1 Feb 2011

Landangler gives up on the Tweed river mouth and heads to Fingal Head where he finds some Jewfish on soft plastics

Bribie Island – Plenty of bait – 25 Jan 2011

Tuesday After a couple of disappointing sessions fishing off the rock wall of the Tweed River, I decided to go and have a look at the estuaries, to see if they are clearing up. I decided to fish the last few hours of the incoming tide at Bribie Island. I arrived about 9.00 am andContinue reading “Bribie Island – Plenty of bait – 25 Jan 2011”

Tweed River – The Rockwall – Tailor / Trevally – 14 Jan 2011

Landangler finds a few fish on soft plastic lures on the north rockwall at the Tweed River mouth in Northern New South Wales.

Tweed River – The Rockwall – Tailor & Queenfish – 23 Dec 2010

Landangler goes looking for Kingfish on the Tweed rockwall but gets a Queenfish instead.

Tweed River – The Rockwall – Three Kings for Xmas – 20 Dec 2010

Monday Now I had the bit between my teeth. Land based fishermen don’t often get the chance to get amongst the Kingfish. So after a great morning on Saturday, I decided to put in another early start on the Tweed rockwall on Monday. I arrived just before first light, around 3.45 am and was treatedContinue reading “Tweed River – The Rockwall – Three Kings for Xmas – 20 Dec 2010”

Iluka – The Rockwall – 2 Dec 2010

Landangler finds a few hungry Tailor on soft plastics, off the Iluka rockwall, in Northern New South Wales

Bribie Island – Buckley’s Hole Sand Flats – 5 Oct 2010

Landangler battles the weed on Bribie Island in search of a few fish.

Bribie Island – Buckley’s Hole – 2 Oct 2010

Saturday The weather was poor – 10 – 15 Knot wind and showers. But it was still better than Thursday, so I decided to get out fishing for a few hours, around dawn on Saturday. I set off in a rain storm, at around 4.00 am and arrived at Buckley’s Hole on Bribie Island, atContinue reading “Bribie Island – Buckley’s Hole – 2 Oct 2010”

Iluka – Frazers Reef Tailor – 13 August 2010

Friday brought a slightly warmer morning so I headed back to Frazer’s Reef at Iluka to see if there were anymore Jewfish to be had. I was fishing with a mate who is yet to land one and expectations were high. The conditions were still very good but the wind had turned around to aContinue reading “Iluka – Frazers Reef Tailor – 13 August 2010”