Mobs Bay and the South Ballina Wall – June 2020

In June the bait arrived and so did the fish

Bribie and Iluka – Bream – July 2017

July I agree with the general sentiment that a clear sunny winter day in Queensland is hard to beat. Ok, so the mornings can be chilly but there is something great about needing a beany at sunrise and a cold shower at noon. July provided some good weather and some great bream. I started theContinue reading “Bribie and Iluka – Bream – July 2017”

Bribie – Bongaree & the oyster jetty – 14 September 2016

Wednesday On Wednesday I was fishing again in the morning but I decided to try the other side of the Pumicestone Passage and fish along the shore at Bongaree. This area has a sandy ledge that runs down to a drop off of a few metres. There are fish to be found all along theContinue reading “Bribie – Bongaree & the oyster jetty – 14 September 2016”

Bribie – the old oyster jetty flats – 28 April, 2016

Thursday I was back in Brisbane and it was time to get amongst the flathead. This has traditionally been a very productive time on the flats around Bribie Island. But this year I have fished far less in this area than usual. The weather has also been very warm and fairly dry, which may haveContinue reading “Bribie – the old oyster jetty flats – 28 April, 2016”

Iluka – Shark Bay – Tailor / Bream – 17 March 2016

Thursday On Thursday the weather was much the same and low tide was not until 11.20 am. Most of my favourite fishing points around Iluka are low or falling tide spots, so I decided to have a lie in. Of course a fisherman’s lie in just means getting up at dawn, rather than 90 minutesContinue reading “Iluka – Shark Bay – Tailor / Bream – 17 March 2016”

Bribie Island – the oyster jetty flats – 27 April 2015

Monday Another big gap between fishing sessions but by the end of April I was back in Brisbane for a few days and the weather was calm, cool and bright. As soon as I had time, I drove up to Bribie Island to see if the flathead where around. March and April always seem toContinue reading “Bribie Island – the oyster jetty flats – 27 April 2015”

Bribie – the old oyster jetty flats – 25 March 2014

Landangler tests the Gulps and Zmans to see which comes out tops

Bribie Island – Bongaree and White Patch – 22 August 2013

Landangler catches a fish pie on a bright and breezy day at Bribie Island

Bribie Island – the Seaside Museum drain and Buckleys Hole – 17 July 2013

Landangler finds some quality fish, land-based fishing on Bribie Island

Yeppoon – Byfield National Park – Fishing Creek – 4/5 June 2013

Landangler finds fish and dodges the crocodiles, land-based fishing in Fishing Creek, just north of Yeppoon

Brooms Head – Plover Island & Bonito – OOPS! Slimey Mackerel – 23 September 2011

Landangler has a fish at Plover Island and then gets amongst a school of Bonito back at Brooms Head

1770 – Flat Rock & Red Rock – Blubber Lip – Deep Water National Park – 16 May 2011

On his last day, the wind gets up but Landangler still finds a few fish, fishing from the shore at 1770.