Iluka – Woody Head – March, 2019

Even after a tropical storm in February there were plenty of fish on offer in March

Iluka – Woody Head – 26 November 2014

Cloudy and wet but plenty of good fish around at Woody Head

Iluka – Woody Head – 1 October 2014

Landangler finally gets to eat his Jewfish – fishing at Woody Head

Iluka – Frasers Reef/ Middle Bluff – 9 February 2013

Tough fishing, land-based at Woody Head, Iluka, NSW – Landangler wants the swell to go away

Iluka – Woody Head – the ‘Barnacles’ – 8 February 2013

Landangler arrives for some land based fishing on the rocky headlands surrounding Woody Head in the Bundjalong National Park

Iluka – Woody Head – More Salmon – 7 December 2011

The windy weather keeps Landangler off the rocks but he finds the Salmon again at Woody Head on the north coast of New South Wales

Iluka – Woody Head – Jewfish – 13 April 2011

Landangler catches a nice Jewfish/ Mulloway on a soft plastic lure – land based fishing at Woody Head in Northern New South Wales