1770 – Wreck Rock – Trevally – 19 May 2016

Last day at 1770 – Landangler finds a few trevally

1770 – Flat Rock – Stripey Perch – 16 May 2016

Monday Clear skies and light south-westerly winds strengthening and turning south easterly, were forecast for Monday. Flat Rock would be covered by the tide until about 8.30 am, so I drove down to the rocky outcrop, just to the south of Getaway Beach. This area always looks very fishy, but I have yet to catchContinue reading “1770 – Flat Rock – Stripey Perch – 16 May 2016”

1770 – Flat Rock – Dart, Perch, Flathead – 15 May 2016

Sunday Sunday was my second morning at 1770 and the weather looked like it was going to be pretty good. The wind was forecast at about a 7 knot southerly on dawn and would pick up a little later on. The moon was 67% full in its waxing gibbous phase. Low tide would be atContinue reading “1770 – Flat Rock – Dart, Perch, Flathead – 15 May 2016”

1770 – Middle Rock, Wreck Rock -14 May 2016

Saturday I had some work to do in Gladstone in mid-May and this year I have decided to add fishing to work, at every opportunity.  I was driving up and decided a few days of land based fishing at 1770 would be a good move. I rented a unit from Gavin and Kim at theContinue reading “1770 – Middle Rock, Wreck Rock -14 May 2016”

1770 – Flat Rock – Dart – 7 April 2015

Tuesday The family took off for Lady Musgrave Island to have a look at the reef. But the prospect of ninety minutes battling high seas had me close to throwing up so I dropped them off at about 8.00 am and drove back down to Flat Rock. The sun was out when I arrived andContinue reading “1770 – Flat Rock – Dart – 7 April 2015”

1770 – Flat Rock – Slatey Bream, Dart & Stripy Perch – 6 April 2015

Monday I managed to persuade the family that my beloved 1770 would be a good place to spend some of the Easter school holidays. Fishing was strictly rationed, but I did get a few sessions in. We drove up from Brisbane and passed through some monster storms on Sunday. We visited Cooks Monument and walkedContinue reading “1770 – Flat Rock – Slatey Bream, Dart & Stripy Perch – 6 April 2015”

1770 – Wreck Rock and Deepwater Creek – 8 November 2011

Landangler fisnishes up with more dart and trevally at Wreck Rock, 1770

1770 Getaway Beach, Flat Rock & Wreck Rock – 6/7 November 2014

Its dart, dart and more dart in great fishing conditions off the beaches to the south of 1770, Queensland

1770 – Wreck Rock & Deepwater Creek – 5 November 2014

Dart on the beach and tarpon from the creek at 1770

1770 – Deepwater Creek – 4 November 2014

Landangler finds fish in the freshwater and the saltwater at Deepwater Creek, south of 1770

1770 Getaway Beach and Wreck Rock – 24 October 2014

Lots of fish but hard to find the bigger stuff – land based fishing at 1770

1770 – Flat Rock at Baffle Creek and Wreck Rock – 23 October 2014

Landangler loses his dinner to some local predators

1770 – Baffle Creek – Flat Rock – 22 October 2014

Wind stops play on the beach so Landangler heads for Baffle Creek

1770 Round Hill Creek – 20 October 2014

Winds stops play on the rocks, so Landangler puts in a sunset session in the creek