Hat Head – Connors Beach – 1 October 2015

The tailor were thinning out as the weather warmed up

Hat Head – mixed bag – 29 September 2015

Tuesday By Tuesday morning conditions were very different. The wind and swell had almost completely dropped away and the skies were clear. At about 5.00 am I set off for the rocks at the far tip of the Hat Head headland. As I walked along the pathway I could clearly see the current line snakingContinue reading “Hat Head – mixed bag – 29 September 2015”

Hat Head – Korogoro Creek – 28 September 2015

Monday On Monday I did not have time for the walk out to the headland so I decided to see what the monster, full moon morning high tide would push up Korogoro Creek. On the low tide the day before the water had looked like gravy, as the tannin stained water drained off the surroundingContinue reading “Hat Head – Korogoro Creek – 28 September 2015”

Hat Head – More Tailor – 27 September 2015

Sunday The rain came back for a little while on Sunday morning, so I stayed in bed. The rest of the day was clear but the strong southerly winds were pretty consistent. As I walked along the beach, I had seen birds working on schools of bait a long way out. The commercial netters wereContinue reading “Hat Head – More Tailor – 27 September 2015”

Hat Head – Tailor, Tailor, Tailor – 26 September 2015

Saturday The September school holiday is a great time to go south from Brisbane. The weather can be unpredictable but the water is usually still cool and the winter species; kingfish, tailor, bream, jewfish, snapper – are all possible from the shore. The coast of northern New South Wales has great fishing spots. They areContinue reading “Hat Head – Tailor, Tailor, Tailor – 26 September 2015”

Hat Head – ‘The Death Hole’ & ‘The Island’ 20 September 2012

Landangler spends a long day exploring the rock ledges of Hat Head