Bribie Island – Buckley’s Hole – 5 Feb 2011

Landangler finds Jellyfish, weed, sediment and finally a Flounder, fishing in the Pumicestone Passage at Bribie Island

Bribie Island – A few Flathead – 26 Jan 2011

Landangler lands a few when he goes fishing for Flathead with soft plastics in the Pumicestone Passage.

Bribie Island – Plenty of bait – 25 Jan 2011

Tuesday After a couple of disappointing sessions fishing off the rock wall of the Tweed River, I decided to go and have a look at the estuaries, to see if they are clearing up. I decided to fish the last few hours of the incoming tide at Bribie Island. I arrived about 9.00 am andContinue reading “Bribie Island – Plenty of bait – 25 Jan 2011”

Iluka – Shark Bay in the rain – 3 Dec 2010

Landangler looks for some Bream on soft plastics, off the rocks in Iluka – Northern New South Wales. Its still raining but he finds a few fish.

Bribie Island – Bridge, Buckleys Hole and Whitepatch – 14 Nov 2010

Landangler is back and gets straight into the fish in the murky waters around Bribie Island.

Bribie Island – Buckley’s Hole Sand Flats – 5 Oct 2010

Landangler battles the weed on Bribie Island in search of a few fish.

Bribie Island – Buckleys Hole – 17 Sept 2010

Bribie Island – Catching the Tailor that the Flathead wanted to eat.

Bribie Island – Plenty of Flathead – 14 Sept 2010

Plenty of Flathead were chasing the soft plastics around Bribie Island on Tuesday.

Bribie Island – I tried everywhere – 11 Sept 2010

Saturday Well just to show that I am not a ‘good news only’ fishing blogger, Saturday morning was a disaster. It went like this – I had high hopes for a good catch, with a big tide and good weather. I started off under the Bridge on the island side at Bribie. It was justContinue reading “Bribie Island – I tried everywhere – 11 Sept 2010”

Bribie Island – Choppers, Snapper & a few Flathead – 7 Sept 2010

Tuesday I headed north from Brisbane very early on Tuesday. I wanted to get fishing under the Bribie Bridge an hour before first light. I was on the road at 3.45am and in position on the island side right under the bridge lights by about 4.30 am. As usual there was plenty of surface actionContinue reading “Bribie Island – Choppers, Snapper & a few Flathead – 7 Sept 2010”

Iluka – Browns Rocks – Final Session – 14 August 2010

On Saturday the swell from the big low that was moving past offshore, arrived. This was my last day at Iluka. The rocky headlands were a no go area and the key sign that fishing was out of the question was the arrival of all the surfers. I decided to have a lie in andContinue reading “Iluka – Browns Rocks – Final Session – 14 August 2010”

Iluka – Frazers Reef – Jewies – 12 August 2010

On Thursday morning conditions were as near perfect as you can get on the rocky headlands around Iluka. There was a light (but cold) westerly wind which had flattened the swell and despite the rain earlier in the week, the water was fairly clean. I decided to fish the rock ledges around Frazer’s Reef, aContinue reading “Iluka – Frazers Reef – Jewies – 12 August 2010”

Iluka – Woody Head – 11 August 2010

Tuesday was a washout with 24 hours of almost solid rain. Fortunately the tent kept me dry throughout. By the lunchtime low tide on Wednesday, the sky was still overcast but things where brightening up. The ‘Barnacles’ at Woody Head, where I had been fishing the day before, were out of bounds due to theContinue reading “Iluka – Woody Head – 11 August 2010”

Bribie Island – Oyster Jetty to Sandstone Point – 26 July 2010

On Monday morning I looked at the forecast for the week and realised things were going downhill with showers set to increase as the days went on. I decided to go for a quick mid morning session wading the flats at Bribie, hopefully before the rain set in. I opted for the sand flats andContinue reading “Bribie Island – Oyster Jetty to Sandstone Point – 26 July 2010”

Landangler’s Tailor on Soft Plastics

I am sure you have all heard it said a million times – if you want to catch some Tailor you can’t go past a lightly weighted, West Australian Pilchard floating down off the back of the boat or a well place chrome slug cast from the rocks. Don’t get me wrong – it’s soundContinue reading “Landangler’s Tailor on Soft Plastics”